Alojamientos completos del 07 al 14 de Abril, parcelas disponibles.

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Giant outdoor Jacuzzi
A giant Jacuzzi made for around 40 persons per time, with plenty of bubbles that seduce the body and a temperature set at 35º Celcius.

Jacuzzi 'Cobra'
A fantastic Cobra shaped Jacuzzi, with warm bubbly water and jets that will massage your body.

Covered wellness Thallaso-Therme Spa with 3 heated sea water Jacuzzis.
A singular installation, even in a campsite like La Torre del Sol Sun considered “Best Camping” In the European classification of ADAC and ANWB.
Important: over 18´s only!

Hamman / Bath
The Romans and the Muslems have introduced the new concept of using the goodness of Mother nature´s water. In the Thalasso-Therme Spa you will be able to relax and enjoy our new Hammam, a natural steam bath.

The Sauna is within the fitness center, near the squash court.

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